Immerse yourself

Baja Waters

Los Cabos offers its visitors a very rich and diverse fauna that populates all the peninsula. Our tour takes you to the wonder that is the Land's End with the renowned Pelican's rock and Neptune's Finger, the always charimatic Sea Lion's Colony and the world famous arch. After the obligatory picture time for all, we set sail across the warm waters of the Sea of Cortés to the secluded bays by Chileno and Santa Maria to offer a snorkeling adventure that is very rare in the Pacific. Walk the plank and get a glimpse of the many species of fish that call Cabo home. We group passengers according to skill level, so those looking for a workput are in for a treat. Those looking for a leisurely swim are welcome to stay by the ship always under the supervision of our experienced crew.


Do not forget your swimsuit, underwater camera and towel, we provide the gear!


A homey breakfast with fresh local fruit, pancakes and scrambled eggs

Open Bar

Where's the rum? Right here! We have full open bar as well as assorted soft drinks and juices.


Sea Life


The waters that lap Los Cabos coastline are mostly the Sea of Cortés, warm waters from the Gulf of California are ideal for the miriad of species that become a non-stop show when sailing. Remanants of coral reefs are home to innumerable tropical fish species that you can expect to see with just a snorkel mask with shallow protected bays.
Humpback Whale (in season)
Parrot Fish
Angel Fish
Sea Lions
Manta Rays
Moorish Idol



Children of all ages are welcome


We are pirates and we love good food. Get your fill!

All Included

Open bar, breakfast, snorkeling gear, just bring your towel and bathing suit (and sunscreen)


Have a blast with our pirate show and the on board games our crew will organize to make sure everyone has the best time.

In Full Sail

Eyeing the Horizon

Watch in Awe

You will be hard pressed to find a tour that packs so much. Get an upclose view of the bio-diversity that has made Cabo famous, our merry crew of Pirates will take you snorkeling at the best spot in Cabo San Lucas, will eat, drink, fight and play in our beautiful ship. A buffet style breakfast with fluffy pacakes, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit ready to satisfy even the most hungry sailors. We look forward to having you aboard!