Batten down the hatches!

Prepare yourself for the highlight of your visit to our beautiful destination. Our experiences take the rich historical heritage of our land and presents an homage for your enjoyment. The strategic positioning of Los Cabos with the estuary in San José del Cabo and its water sources to replenish commercial ships in the times of the Colony made it a hub of commerce which inevitably drew Pirates! Our boats are as historically accurate as possible to provide you with the best Pirate adventure in Los Cabos.

Your Tour start upon arriving to our luxurious maritime terminal: La Terminal de Cabo and its local hotspot Mercado del Mar. After check in and while waiting on our roofed restaurant overlooking the Land’s End and the famous Cabo San Lucas Marina, you can enjoy scrumptious bites, appetizers and a drink or two. Visit our souvenir shop for mementos of the experience to come. Be welcomed with a specialty alcohol free concoction from our savvy barkeeps on board and select a seat. Open Bar starts as soon as you step onboard (except if you plan to snorkel) The ship will swiftly take you to picture perfect spots at the end of the bay for the best photo op of The Arch, the sea lions’ colony and the rock formations along the way. Breakfast lunch or dinner is served depending on the time as well as nibbles throughout. Snorkeling is a blast and you can (if you dare) walk the plank or use the stairs. Or show is family friendly and it grows in intensity with the coming of the sunset, peaking at our renowned Yo Ho Show with pirate swordfights, acrobatics and fire dancers. Surprises, games and prizes await.

We look forward to having you aboard!

Your Fleet


Buccaneer Queen

  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Draft:
  • Masts: 3
  • Max Capacity: 95
  • Displacement:
  • Cruise Speed:
  • Crew: 12

Cabo Legend

  • Length: 100ft
  • Width:
  • Draft:
  • Masts: 2
  • Max Capacity:80
  • Displacement:
  • Cruise Speed:
  • Crew: 12



The waters of Sea of Cortés have a rich historical tradition linkend with commerce, exploration and of course piracy. Some of it documented some of it fictional and lore. The most famous Pirate is by far Thomas Cavendish who's plunder of The Santa Ana was one of the most succesfull loots ever and earned him a Knighthood. There is also the legend of Queen Calafia and her navy from the novels of Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo and where some people believe the name California comes from.
Although completly seaworthy as sailboats, we want to ensure that all our guests get the best experience possible, in that spirit we do not use the sails and instead use motors to drive and steer our boats, this makes sure that the itineraries are kept.
Short answer is yes. Excepting one, all our tours are designed to accomodate families. In the snorkeling tours children must be accompained by adults at all times. Children can get in the water provided that they can safely secure a life vest. At night in the Pirate Show Cruise (Book Here) very small children might find the performances intense so children 5 and over might enjoy it a bit more than the littler ones. The Pirate Party (Get Tickets) is an adult affair and children are not allowed.
No, we are a smoke free adventure, even in the Pirate Party (Get Tickets) at night.
No. Although at times some guests can come up to the wheel and talk to the captain, he is ultimately responsible for the safety of everyone onboard, and as much fun it would be to do a hard-a-port and see a bunch of landlubbers slide on a margarita lubbed main deck, he must decline any chance that that might happen again. After all he did go to pirate school for a lick more than 15 minutes to be able to lead our jolly lump of scallywags.
We start our whale watching tour on December 15th and end it on May 15th. This is the best time to cath a glimpse of these magnificent beasts. There are five species of whales that can be spoted in the Sea of Cortés, however we are most likely to run into two: The humpback and the grey whale. As far as certain it is much like fishing, we go out and trek to where the whales usually are we get the best crew to give us the best chance to spot them. We are proud to say we have an excellente record but we have come up dry (we remember, it was a tuesday) You can book your tour Here!
All our staff will do the outmost to make sure you and your guests have a fantastic time. Gratuities are not by any means mandatory but certainly appreciated, especially if you feel the tour and the service you recieved went above and beyond. Since your tour is a team effort all gratuities are split among the staff and crew of the ship. Another greatly cherished way to give a nod to outstanding service is to review your experience in your favourite Social Media like Trip Advisor, Google, etcetera and mention your favourite crew menber. Links to review specific experiences will be found at the end of tha experience's info page.
Our ships are accessible to wheelchairs but note that the ramps are limited by space. The crew will make sure that everyone gets comfortably onboard.

Our show is high paced and full of thrills, if you have a condition that can make you sensible to that Whale Watching and Snorkeling Tours might be better since we tone done the activity during daylight.

The cast and Crew is bilingual (trilingual if you count Arrrgh as a language, we do)
  • Photo and/or Video Camera
  • Light Jacket in Winter
  • Hat, Cap or Head Gear
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing Suit if you are snorkeling
  • Towels if you are snorkeling
  • Binoculars with straps if you are Whale watching
  • Data Enabled mobile (for the best selfies ever!)
  • ID
  • Cash for Souvenirs and gratuities

What NOT to bring

  • Illicit substances, a big no-no (We are Pirates not madmen)
  • Tabacco related products including electronic ones
  • Alcoholic Beverages (Pirates=We have enough)
  • Boom Boxes or speakers (Our ship, our music; but the DJ is very accomodating)
  • Drones
  • Weapons of any kind (we provide our own)
All our tour take sail from Muelle Cero at La Terminal de Cabo. If taking a taxi just tell them the we are the dock that is by Hotel Breathless. (You need to drive thru their motor lobby) Our Maritime Terminal cannot be missed since it has a very noticable wavy roof and has a full restaurant called Mercado del Mar. There is a map in the Contact page at the bottom.

All paid reservations will be honored, weather and acts of God notwithstanding.

Cancellations are accepted at any moment 24 hours before the tour departure time. We refund the full value of the paid tour minus the fees. If within the 24 hours before departure time we will do our outmost to help you reschedule. If not able to reschedule then a refund will not be possible.

If any circumstances do not allow you or your party to arrive on time we will do our outmost to reschedule to the same tour or one of equal value but cancellation policies will be observed.

If rescheduling to a tour of higher value than the original reservation new charges and fees may apply.

Unruly behavior will not be permitted on board our ships. Especially when it poses a danger to the passengers, crew or ship. Actions taken to reduce said risk will be swiftly adopted at the criteria of the ship’s captain and if any costs are incurred they will be solely responsibility of the infractors.



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Curabitur lacinia mi sem, in iaculis ligula blandit. Aenean ornare erat eget accumsan interdum. Purus vulputate. Nunc at orci venenatis, odio vel, egestas eros. Nullam ac est a ante faucibus. Sed est neque, laoreet at laoreet eget, iaculis vitae libero. Donec faucibus ullamcorper pulvinar.

Richard Doe

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