Our mos popular pirate cruise is the iconic Yo Ho Show. Two boats meet across the bay in Los Cabos ready to deck it out for some booty and a lot of fun. Enjoy jugglers, air acrobats, fire dancing, performance fights and more while also stopping at the obliged photo ops at the Land's End. Fully Open Bar adventure includes a delicious Barbeque dinner with pork and chicken, sweet corn and coleslaw that will have you licking your fingers. Intense action is perfectly coreographed to dazzle the younglings (6+ reccomended) and adults alike.

In season spot a few whales that visit us for the most amazing photographs you'll take in your visit to Mexico. Premium Bar is available as well as premium Tequila shots.


Amazing views of Los Cabos at sunset


Homemade barbeque delights

Pirate Show

Acrobatics, swordfights, fire dancers, high flyers, you name it.


Booze Cruise

With Pirates

There is something in the air when the sun meets the sea in the Baja Peninsula that is a must when visiting Los Cabos. No visit is complete without the iconic picture of the arch and sunset just makes everythig feel like a true vacation in this destination.
BBQ Pork
Corn on the Cob
BBQ Chicken
Homemade Bisquits
Rum! Open Bar

Fun for all the


Unforgetable Sunset in Los Cabos

High Flyers

No Pirate Scuffle is complete without some daring-do.

fire dancers

Thrilling acrobats with fire will light up the night..

Friendly Crew

Our crew will do its outmost to make sure you have te best time.

In Full Sail

Eyeing the Horizon

Watch in Awe

We look forward to having you aboard our Pirate cruise and experience the unbelievable show that these seasonal visitors povide in the warm waters of Cabo. Do not miss out, it is an all inclusive experience that will be the highlight of your trip to Mexico. We have private chartes available as well and we can accomodate special needs passengers and groups as well as most dietary restrictions. Also we can do special itineraries for those celebrating a special occasion. Plase use the CHAT or contact page to get in touch with us, it will be a pleasure to assist you.

Yo Ho Show!