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Pirate Booze Cruise Cabo San Lucas

Buccaneer Queen, a boat, a legend, is a pirate ship built in 1968, is the first of only two Pirate cruise themed boats sailing around the Los Cabos Bay Area giving tours to visitors and locals alike for more than 10 years. Go pass the famous Cabo San Lucas Arch, Lovers Beach, visit Chileno Bay and the coral reefs, fall in love with the marvelous sunset at the Pacific Ocean. We provide a real pirate experience in every inch of this spectacular 86 foot long wooden ship. This boat was built in 1968 in Coronado California, born as an exact dummy of an ancient galleon that sailed to different waters many years ago, manned by bloodthirsty buccaneers in search of merchant ships filled with treasures which were intercepted and subjected these fortune hunters.

Cabo Legend is a 95ft long frigate always hunting for the next booty. A spacious deck between its two masts afford a comfortable ride to the secluded bays where snorkeling becomes an unforgetable escapade.
When it's time to cast off the morning lines and get underway, we make our way through the harbor your naturalist will point out the historic buildings and landmarks of Cabo and tell some of talk of some of the maritime lore surrounding this world famous seaport. On whale season we'll present what we hope will be picture perfect encounters with those gentle giants.

Buccaneer Queen has also served as stage for many commercial spots and in 1995 made the debut in Hollywood in the movie “Cutthroat island” starring actress Geena Davis in which some areas are used to film the ship on deck and saloon. In 2001 having already landfall in Baja California Sur, Cabo San Lucas by tradition hiding many pirates like Francis Drake and Thomas Cavendish in 1560 and 1600 becomes a great attraction of the destination a ship full of history and magic.
Today everyone can enjoy this legendary vessel and its entertaining tours that everyday we offer our visitors, true adventures of which you can be the protagonist. Come and feel the spirit of those scary characters to their misdeeds, where the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas served as a reference point to divide the sea of Cortes and Pacific Sea, Routes preferred by those who wrote the story tip thunderous sword and guns.

With three differnt boat rides every day of the year; Cabo Pirates takes you to Whle watching (in season), Award winning Snorkeling Cruise to beautiful coves on the Sea of Cortes shores, breathtaking sunsets with our daredevils in the Only Pirate Show in Cabo. On selected nights we go out after the sunset for a night of loud partying on the sea, start your Wild night in an unforgetable evening aboard our unique vessels.



Welcome to the warm waters of the Sea of Cortes. Are you ready for the highlight of your trip in Cabo? Our Pirate Cruise has been a staple of this destination for years. Start your cruise on the spacious La Terminal de Cabo, by the Breathless Hotel at Muelle Cero at the Marina of Cabo San Lucas, check in is an hour before departure, enjoy exclusive concotions and a scrumptious morsel or two at El Mercado del Mar while you wait for the rest of the passengers.

Once on board you'll be greeted by a welcome drink (non-alcoholic) and we will set sail to the world famous Land's End. Open Bar is available throughout the cruise but beware, for your safety you cannot be served alcohol before getting in the water (if you are getting in the water, if not the bar is readily available) Premium Bar and Premium Tequila Shots are available for an additional fee. All our cruises stop for picture and selfie time at El Arco (The Arch) of Cabo and the Sea Lion's Colony, after which we head out, whale watching, snorkeling or just cruising around the bay depending on the tour. Our ships have a full kitchen and put it to great use, Breakfast Lunch or Dinner is prepared on board and included in all tours (Please see below for menus)

Games and surprises abound with our pirate crew, as well as entretainment wich includes swordfights, acrobatics and fire (at night). The show is intended for audiences of all ages and children are more than welcome. For more details please review each tour description in our menu. We also encourage to visit our FAQ page or contact us via mail, phone or chat if you have any questions.
Cabo Legend and Buccaneer Queen the only Pirate Ships in Cabo
Argh! Booze Cruise Pirate Style

Open Bar

Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Beer, Assorted Juices, Rum, Soft Drinks, Rum and Bottled Water. Did we mention rum?

Open Bar and a full meal are always included in our boat tours

Great Food

Delicious breakfast, burritos for lunch and our famous BBQ for Dinner Show

The Pirate Show at the Sunset Cruise features fire dancers

Amazing Show

Enjoy the merry adventures of our band of scallywags, landlubbers watch in awe as our shows are underway.




Snorkeling Tours - For every paying adult 1 Child is Free, direct at Checkout

The Festival of Lights is comming December 20th

Use Code WEBSAV01 for a 10% discount at checkouthere!

All about

The Galley

Whale Watching / Breakfast Tours
Open Bar *If Snorkeling Bar opens after Swim
Red Chilaquiles
Scrambled Eggs
Sundown Pirate Party
Open Bar
All Appetizers (Not dinner)
Chicken Burritos
BBQ Ribs
Saussage Octopuses
YO HO Show Dinner
Open Bar
BBQ Pork Leg
BBQ Chicken
BBQ Ribs
Steamed Vegetables
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Corn
Homemade Bread
Afternoon Snorkel Lunch
Shredded Beef Burritos
Chicken Burritos
Refried Beans
Mexican Salsa
Sliced Fruit
Open Bar




Beautiful experience! We had so much fun as a family and my little one enjoyed it as well. All the staff on board were very accommodating and attentive to what we needed. The trip includes a closer look at El Arco to take pictures, you have a chance to snorkel, dance, hang out on the ship and th food and drink are also included, which is a big plus with little kids.
The food was good for being on a pirate ship and the drinks we had were really good too, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. As someone mentioned before, they do sell pictures on board if you would like to purchase them, but its optional and the gentleman taking the photos did not seem upset when people on board would decline to purchase.All the "pirates" were amazing in taking care of us on board and I would definitely go on the Buccaneer Queen again when visiting Cabo.

Berenice Rico

Long Beach, Ca, USA

Amazing experience! Open bar, food was delicious and the performance was unreal. Vegas quality show, the gymnastics, acrobatics and combination of dance made this a performance I would like to see again.


Tainan City, Taiwan

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Marina Cabo San Lucas
Los Cabos, 23450, México.
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